The state

The system is not your servant, the state is a capitalist state, and it defends the broad interests of capital. Your rights are paper rights, a mere sugar pill over the harsh reality that you will come up against if you get in their way. The news, the political fighting you see, is usually factions of the capitalist class disagreeing on what new murder is needed to keep the profits flowing. The debates you see are narrow and designed to stop people noticing what’s actually going on. I can write (and you can read) these words because not enough people care to read them or do anything about them. If they do, then I will start to feel their pressure. I might lose my job, and get pilloried in the press, or end up in a psychiatric institution, or all three.

Despite all this we still have agency, we can still make the world bend to what we want if we work with each other to achieve it. Here’s the irony, as the poet said: Ye are many, they are few. The hypnotism that stops you thinking about this, that gets the soldiers going to predatory wars with a false we are helping people optimism in their hearts, that lets you not notice the homelessness around you, that lets your mind be numbed to the suffering everywhere, from the vacant eyes full of pain waiting for the bus to the kids living with water pouring down the walls, to the kids shot in the back. We don’t have to live like this. We never did, they tricked us, they forced us off the land and into their factories, and we need to untrick ourselves if we want the necessary better world, and we have to untrick a large amount of other people.

Magic, and magical thinking, are not the levers to make it so. That blindness caused by simply accepting the surface of things in front of you, of not making the effort to get under that easy surface to what you need to understand. If you trust the paper laws and rights you appear have things could go very badly. You need to make your own analysis, and may not agree with me. I’m a socialist, if you had to put some label on me, I’d be an anarchist who agrees with the Marxists’ analysis of capitalism. I’m also, pragmatically, selling my labour for the best price I can get and I still join in with the shiny delusions of the spectacle. I have a Disney Plus subscription and thought The Mandalorian was worth watching, for fuck’s sake.