Empire socialism

In these days we have the amazing sight of organisations like Black Lives Matter growing and gaining credibility all around the world. We also have the unappealing sight of mainstream so-called left and socialist parties responding in a totally inadequate way to the movement. There is a bumbling, half blind unawareness of their own history, an apologia for the old empire, and the assumed biases, both racist and sexist, that go with it. The leaders of these parties are safe hands for the capitalist machine, they will carry on with capitalism quite happily. It’s a doomed attempt to make capitalism nice and treat people better, and maybe not destroy the living world we all need to breathe too quickly, maybe take a few minutes longer than it would at present, because we ask nicely not to. It has little to offer a dynamic movement that is all too well aware of what needs to be done, even if it isn’t quite sure how, yet.

1 Empire socialism defined

2 Wishing never made it so

3 Cognitive dissonance

4 The Spectacle

5 The state

6 Conspiracy?

7 The historical problem of “democracy”

8 Post-war empire socialism in the UK

9 Empire socialism in action in the UK

10 Centrism the myth

11 Triangulation

12 Racism - useful idiocy for dividing people

13 What happened to the working class?

14 2020 vision - the broader picture

15 Escape from McMurder Incorporated