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No Mandate

In the UK we live in what the old philosopers might have called interesting times. We live under a government that only got 49% of the vote, they have no mandate to rule over us, but possess a huge majority in Parliament. Because we don’t have a constitution, they can basically do whatever they think they can get away with with no consequences.

Once there was a powerful working class movement that would have kept them in check, but over the last forty years (or more) it has been whittled down to nothing.

The No mandate project is a place where writing about the crisis, and giving a clear perspective on how our government actually works, is part of the deal.

We have a number of longer articles that have been split up into more readable form, and also some stand-alone articles. The split up articles can also stand alone. Say for example you wanted to look into the principle free concept of triangulation that used to be so beloved of centrists, the section from the longer piece Empire Socialism would be a good place to start.

The layout of this site is still under development, and will change over time. We will be adding more artwork, and maybe video content as and when time permits.

For now, here is the content we have:

Empire Socialism is a long piece that has many sections covering a variety of topics, from the deluisions caused by the ongoing Society of the Spectacle to a potted history of centrism in the UK and USA.